The structure of the Company is based on the development of two different divisions which are:

Commercial division: It has a network of more than 400 distributors throughout the country, which is a key asset of the company. We count with brands that lead the market such as Calpeda, Reggio, Stairs, Dreno, Emaux, Aquasystem and Seko among others. These brands offer products and services specialized in agriculture, domestic, construction and industry areas, mainly focused in providing solutions in fluids handling, particularly water.

Industrial Division: It is focused on the mining industry and industrial processes. This sector offers a wide range of equipment for handling difficult fluids such as slurries, industrial liquid waste, corrosive and abrasive liquids, chemicals and pastes. Moreover, the company counts with a staff of engineers that provides professional support for the elaboration and development of projects, together with the support and on site advice.